Not Your Average Hit List

Photo (in the public domain): Earth as seen from Apollo 8.

© Per A.J. Andersson for the text. Written September 2005, updated October 2012.

There's so much more
out there ...

There's more out there - over the hills and under the moon - than meets the eye. Sometimes you have to use your ear.

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With that idea in mind, I started out working on this project of mine. Presenting artists and their works that I've discovered over the years, and that I've come to care for. Stuff that often didn't get to the big media. Or the usual hit lists.

The entry to it all, the cover page with the twenty pictures edge to edge, shows a couple of record albums (ordered following the alphabet). Some of them aren't very well known in the history of popular music. Some were made by successful artists that "fell off track" with this very album. Bad timing, artists being at odds with the trends of the day, the critics or/and their record company. These were indeed some "20 odd albums".

Most of these albums are hard to find in most regular record shops. On their respective web pages, I link to places where you might learn more about them. At the bottom of _this_ page I note shops and websites where you might find some of the albums.

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If you're listening to a lot of music, chances are you've got your own favourites that people around you don't care for. But the great thing with the Internet is that this doesn't have to be the end of things. To me, it was rather the beginning. Through clicking, reading, downloading and buying, I've found scores of music I wouldn't have heard of otherwise.

But there's more to life than music. The rest of the pages on this website is some proof of that. Comics, films and TV and some more. Lately I've spent way too much time on Google Maps and Wikipedia. There's just way too much out there.

I'm a Swedish male, born in 1963. If you've got your own "hit list", I guess it might look different. Because music is often a personal thing. But sometimes you want to share it with someone else. If you've got something on your mind, just send me an e-mail. Comments, corrections or ideas are more than welcome.

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Life's really all about the discoveries. Welcome to my world.

//Per A.J. Andersson

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A copyright note

This website is a non-profit thing, solely based upon my belief that good music should be better known. I get no money from this project, and I hope that those controlling copyrights for the material shown here (pictures and sounds that I present excerpts from) will oblige with my mission.

The images and musical excerpts featured are only reproduced for reviewing purposes, acknowledging the owners' copyrights. Here is a list of where I found the images. Please contact me, if you feel your copyright has been infringed upon.


Some useful
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If everything else fails, private contacts can be of much help. There is an abundance of friendly people out there, many of whom can be reached via fan sites or mailing lists. The links on the other pages will lead to some of them.

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