Not Your Average Hit List

© Eudald Rota for the photo.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 Pullover & Quimera Records for the music (2006).

© Per A.J. Andersson for the text. Written April 2016.

by Pullover

YES – this album is to be shared! The Catalan indiepop ensemble Pullover, hailing from Ripoll up in the far north of Catalonia, released their debut album Escolta:sent ('Listen:Feel') with a copyleft license (a first in Catalan music). This means the music can be freely shared (as long as it is not distorted or sold). The license version is called Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. Thanks, Pullover!

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01 – Libèl·lula ('dragonfly')
02 – 86400 segons (86,400 seconds')
03 – Natural ('natural')
04 – Ipseïtat
05 – Insectes ordenats en capses de sabates ('insects sorted into shoe-boxes')
06 – Helicòpters ('helicopters')
07 – Dens
08 – Taronja ('orange')
09 – Europa ('Europe')
10 Sushi
11 – Bipedes lògics (logical bipedal')
12 – Fus ('timer')
13 – Cubs de sucre
('saugar cubes')
14a+b – Pullover / Ripoll m'agrada ('pullover' / 'I like Ripoll')
14b – Ripoll m'agrada

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